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Do you know?

3-24-2020 It’s been a bit since I have updated my blog.  A lot has happened, and a lot is happening right now in the world and let me first start this  by saying writing really helps me release what I am feeling, when sometimes…

{Loving Me in 2019}- I’m Here!

Loving Me in 2019. Join me each month in 2019 as I indulge in a new-to-me life experience with the goal of self improvement and self care. For more information on this series {Loving Me in 2019} Introduction   Wow, these past 6-8 months have…

Give Thanks {November 1st}

This has been one of the longest weeks of my life.  Brokenness, heartaches and numbness have been sneaking in and trying to bring me down.  I am reminded in this difficult time that God is alive, He is here, and He is listening.   He…

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