I’m sorry, Toby!

A few months ago I posted on social media about my poor little dog, Toby.  I thought it was a good reminder and wanted to share it.

Today started as your normal day, you know, the days where you are running a half a minute behind, you flat iron your hair quickly, throw on some clothes, and hope that the jeans you want to wear with your gray booties are clean. You put the makeup basics on and then take your vitamins as your running out of the house and heading to work by 8 am. Today I just happened to grab a package that needed to be sent via the USPS. While at work I told my supervisor that I would go to the post office and grab the mail today so I could take my package. While getting in my car, I hear “riiiiiippp” screaming throughout the car and I have an instant feeling of panic. Thinking to myself, “I knew this was going to happen”. I wear jeans out easily and it was about time for them to go. The joys of being a big gal when your legs rub together is that jeans will wear out, especially if they are your favorite ones and are worn often.

So now I am sitting in my car trying to make the snap decision if I’m going to walk back inside my office and grab my house keys… or If I am going to just go to the back of my house and use the keypad to get in, it takes longer, and I will get our dogs all riled up and they will think it’s time to play. I decide to just go with it and do the long route, because my pants are ripped and why would I want someone seeing me like that.

I get to my house and open up the back gate and there is my little Toby dog there just jumping and excited to see me, with snow all over him. In the hustle & bustle of the morning, he was left outside this morning.

I was instantly beaming with joy, sad that we left him outside, but so thankful that God works in mysterious ways! If it wasn’t for me needing to mail a package, for my pants ripping, and for me leaving my house keys at work, I would have left my small yorkie-poo dog in the cold wind & snow until I got home for lunch, and he is not accustomed to this weather.

This is a perfect example of how God uses even the small things that you don’t think matter, to help make you aware of things. I could have turned to anger when my pants ripped, but I sort of laughed it off, I could have gone back for my keys, but I thought I would just use the keypad instead.

I am so thankful for the reminder that He is in our lives even in the small parts, when we think things don’t matter. He may not have made my pants rip, or made me forget my keys, but He did use those things to help me find my dog, and made something that could have been devastating, perfect.

And so it begins…

I am a “Jill of all trades”.  I may not do everything amazingly, but I enjoy doing and trying new things.  

With this blog I plan on showcasing my creativeness through my many adventures! Documenting my thoughts along the way as an outlet of expression for myself, and also for anyone else that sometimes feels the need to do it all, in proportion of course.
Who says we can’t try new things, and excel, or even be absolutely terrible at them? What is the hurt in trying?

Let me introduce myself.   My name is Whitney. I come from a small community where usually everybody knows each other. Unfortunately that means they usually know your business too, which could be a good or bad thing…you decide.

I am married, am a daughter, sister, aunt, friend and a child of God. I have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, I am a photographer, crafter, baker, registered yoga instructor, network marketer, praise team worship leader, and last but not least I am a dog mom of 6. My dogs are my babies.  You’ve heard of crazy cat ladies, right? Just call me the crazy dog lady! The reason we have 6 dogs is because we DO NOT WANT 7! Well, okay the real reason is because we thought we could breed ( not on purpose ) and sell puppies to close friends or family, but we ended up falling in love with all of them & kept them all. 5 Yorkie-Poos, named Lola, Boris, Bella, Lucy and Toby. The 6th and final member of the pack is is Odin, Odie for short, or Mr. Odin when he is in trouble.  This is our English Bulldog, one of the biggest, whiniest dog baby I have ever seen, but he is loyal, and he is a momma’s boy for sure. We ended up getting him when a sale ad came up on social media for $25!!!! $25 y’all, I couldn’t let someone who could afford $25 purchase him and not treat him well because he was already skinny looking and skittish.

I love Jesus, and I have a relationship with Him. When you are a control freak like me it is sometimes hard to let Him direct your path. Nevertheless, I am on a journey to STOP worrying, STOP trying to decide my future myself, and START letting Him do what He has promised to do.  I am a human, and I fail every single day, but my love for the Lord is real, authentic and I want to share that with others.

I am a farm girl at heart, though I’ve never lived on a farm.  I used to watch Little House On The Prairie with my mom when I was younger, and I’ve loved the farm, self sufficient life.  I am slowly learning how to become more self sufficient, and eventually one day, I’ll live on a farm and someday I’ll have chickens.


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