Season of Change!

The other day I started getting frustrated with myself and where I was with my body, and what I haven’t done in a while.  That’s when a good friend told me that I need to give myself grace, my body has been through a lot this past year.  That really opened my eyes. Yes, my body, mind, emotions, EVERYTHING has been through so much this last year, and I honestly probably wouldn’t have survived if I didn’t let God carry me.

My world was turned upside down last September when I  found out I was finally pregnant with twins and ended in a miscarriage and getting life flighted by emergency helicopter the end of November. I feel like I have been in a new season of my life since then, and it’s not about how I look, though I do believe you need to eat healthy and exercise to fully be able to enjoy and do life. I believe this season is for growth and knowledge and to get closer to my HEALER, COMFORTER & SAVIOR.

When I was in the ER the last time ( I was in 3 times over the month of November, and the last being where they flew me out. ) my husband was freaking out, I won’t sugar coat it, he was scared, nervous, anxious and all the feels. He not only lost his first 2 children that were wanted for years, but he also thought he was about to lose his wife too.   I could feel it, and I was the one trying to calm him down because I had such peace.  God gave me peace through the entire thing, this peace that I cannot even explain.  Sure there are moments when I am sad and start thinking, “Why Me?”  Those waves thankfully don’t last for long, and I quickly adjust my way of thinking to be in the present.

What I do know is that God takes what the enemy meant for evil and turns it to good, so I am rejoicing and praising Him even in this unfamiliar season. These past 4 months or so have been pretty amazing for my faith.  God is so good and He is always with us.  I want to remember to Praise God in the GOOD and the BAD, not just when things are convenient and going my way!

I believe this season is also to LET GO of things.  God has been removing things, people, circumstances, lots of stuff from my life both seen and unseen, and though it hurts some it is still GOOD.  I just listened to a sermon about letting go, so you can grow… and boy did that bless me and I accept that! That makes me wonder how many of us have been holding on to things so much that we are stagnant in life, maybe you need to let go, trust God and GROW!

I know God has big plans for me and instead of trying to get Him to tell me my entire life so I know what He has in store, I am TRUSTING that He will show me steps as I need to know them.

I pray this blesses someone today. ❤


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