{Loving Me in 2019} Let’s Float

Loving Me in 2019. Join me each month in 2019 as I indulge in a new-to-me life experience with the goal of self improvement and self care.
For more information on this series {Loving Me in 2019} Introduction

A couple of years  ago I heard about this thing called floating, my first thought was kayaking or canoeing on a river.  I then found out I was completely wrong, and it was a sensory deprivation tank and I found a local-to-me business named Midwest Float,in Topeka, KS. They were advertising what almost looked like someone floating in a hot tub.  This piqued my interest as I love hot tubs and the very thought of them makes me feel relaxed.

So for my January #lovingmein19 new self care experience, I chose to Float.  Here are some details of what floating is, benefits, how to get started, and my own personal opinion.  
*Some Information and pictures were taken directly off of the www.midwestfloat.com website.  

So what is floating?

“Our tanks use 850lbs of Epsom salt. This, combined with the absence of all external stimuli creates a relaxing escape from daily stressors.

Floating naturally increases your dopamine and endorphin levels, boosting your mood and leaving you with a pleasant afterglow that lasts for days afterwards.

The water is kept at 93.5 degrees. This is skin-receptor neutral, which means you lose track of where your body ends and the water begins.

Without the need to fight gravity or take-in external information, you’ll likely experience the most complete relaxation you’ve ever felt.

Your ears stay just below the water, and the tanks are insulated against sound. Noise from the outside doesn’t reach you.

The salty goodness of our tanks allows your muscles to truly relax as you float on your back,effortlessly buoyant; similar floating in the Dead Sea.”

What are the Benefits?

The tanks are not completely zero-gravity (as in outer space). But, they create a near zero-gravity state, which allows our bodies to rest and heal. This state will place your mind in a unique environment, which supports the creation of new neural networks and unique processes.”

“Restricted Environmental Stimulus
When we float, we are able to regulate the number of environmental stimuli that are received through our senses. This allows a space for our mind, body, and soul to rest, relax, and rejuvenate.”

“Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate)
Magnesium is reported to provide better sleep, relax the nervous system, support the growth and maintenance of muscles, increase muscle flexibility, support the integrity and strength of bones, re-mineralize our teeth, alkalize the body, hydrate the body, provide relief to our digestive system, and support enzyme function. Sulfates are found in every cell within the human body and play a role in the production of collagen, detoxifying the body, supporting the digestive system, pancreas function and the secretion of digestive enzymes, as well as having antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties.”

How to get started?

image from http://www.midwestfloat.com

My Thoughts

Can I put an image of mind blown right here?  This was an amazing experience for me, and one that I will continue. I can’t wait to see what the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th float bring to the table. I feel it will be an even better experience because I know now what to expect and can fully let go.

When we, Chance and I,  first got to Midwest float we were greeted by Chelsea, a very friendly and informative staff member.  She helped my husband fill out his waiver, as I did mine online.   The front office was a nice, quaint, serene area with the biggest salt lamp I have ever seen. I would love one for my yoga studio! 


We were then taken back to where their two foat rooms were.  We had the option of a float pod or float cabin.  Chelsea explained the process to us in great detail, and that was very helpful since this was our first time.  She explained that we would need to shower before and after.  Before so we can get all the excess oils off of our skin to help keep the tanks clean, even though they are highly sanitary by the filtration.  We would need to shower when we got out to wash all the salt off of us, and to use conditioner in our hair, all of which they provide!


I chose the cabin, and Chance got into the pod.  The cabin is roughly the size of a king size bed, and the pod is approximately the size of a full size bed.

They provide robes, shower flip flops, towels, makeup remover cloths, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, ear plugs, ear wash, and even some petroleum jelly to put on any sores or cuts you may have so the salt wouldn’t get in and sting.  So it is probably a good idea not to shave, or wax right before you do a float. Really all you need to do is just take yourself there and they have everything you need! It is nice to not have to bring anything. They even have a hair dryer for your use in the bathroom!  Brilliant!

What Chance has on in his “before” picture is called a float halo.  When you are floating you can use this behind your head if you want a little more neck support.  I used it for a while and then decided I liked it without, so ended up just letting it float with me the rest of the time. 

One of my first questions were, “do I wear a swimming suit?”  But seeing that you are in a completely private room with a door lock, and inside a pod or cabin, there is no need to wear a swimming suit, plus who would want to clean all of that salt out of the suit anyway??  So get nakey, and enjoy!!!

When I first stepped into the tank I noticed it was not as deep as I thought it would be, I was thinking it should be more like a hot tub, and I would be able to fully submerge while sitting, but this was only 1 1/2 to 2 feet deep.  When you first sit down you will notice that its almost a task to even sit so you touch the bottom of the tank, because the water is so buoyant.  There is somewhere close to 850 lbs of epsom salt in these tanks, and that will make you float! Which is also good if you fall asleep in the tank because you would not drown, because you will not sink!

I also noticed the immediate feel of my skin, it was so soft from all of the salt, or how Chance described it as “slimy”, but I think it felt amazing.

You have complete control of your surroundings when you are in there, so if you want to keep the lights on you can, and if you want to keep the nice zen music they play you can do that too.  You can also open the cabin door, or pod lid at any time, so you are not locked in.  They control the time limit while you are in the tank, because you can very easily lose track of time.  They start the float with a automated voice coming over the tank explaining what to do, and then the music starts.  I thought the music was going to shut off by itself so I let it go probably half way through my float, but did shut the light off so it was a small task to feel around for the button to shut the music off.  The cabin is so big you can float completely in a circle and not know exactly where the door is even at, so you will need to touch the side of the wall and follow it around.  Which freaked me out for maybe a couple of seconds, but then realized that I was in complete control.

The water temperature is the same as body temperature so the idea is that you don’t know where the water starts and your body begins, so you are almost suspended in near zero gravity floating.   At first I noticed the water, but after being in a while I just felt like I was floating.

I chose to keep the lights off the entire time, because I loved the idea of not being influenced by any surroundings.  It was dark.  Do you know how after a long time looking into the dark, you start thinking you can see light, and your eyes are adjusting?  Well for me I could see what appeared to be stars, like I was just looking into the dark sky and seeing stars in the distance.  It was a nice, and calming feeling.   I even had to wave my hand in front of my face to see if I could see any movement, and I couldn’t, so I knew I was in complete darkness.

I was so excited to be there, to be floating, that I didn’t fully let my mind shut down at first and just focus on floating, and breathing.  The longer I floated the more relaxed I got.  This is why I am excited for future floats, I know I will get deeper into relaxation.

The 60 minute float went by fairly quickly, but I enjoyed every minute of it,  even the 2 seconds of fright when I didn’t know which way I was or where the door was.  I didn’t have any magnificent things come to me while floating, but just taking in the entire experience was magnificent enough.  I can not wait for more so I can draw out my creativity.

When your time is up the lights turn on, and the automated voice comes on again telling you that the water filtration system will start up momentarily, so you can exit the pod or cabin.  Chelsea mentioned that if you are asleep and the lights and/ or talking doesn’t wake you up, the jets will, so no need to panic there.  You get out, taking your time because you were just floating for a while and you want to slowly come back into awareness.  Take a shower, get dressed, and go blow dry your hair if needed.

They have a chalkboard wall called, “Words from the Void”, where you can use their chalk markers and write down something encouraging you learned while in your float, or just words of wisdom.  I thought that was a very unique and awesome experience to see all of the different words from past floaters.


When returning to the lobby you can have yourself a nice cup of tea, and talk with the staff to let them know how you liked your experience.

So do I recommend floating?  Ummm yes!

If you are in the Topeka, KS area get in touch with these lovely folks  and not only will you find some relaxation, you will be able to chat with the owner, Casey, and the awesome staff.  They are down-to-earth and you can tell they really love their profession. www.midwestfloat.com
If you have a float facility someplace in your area and you are not local to Topeka, just go.   Don’t even think twice….. Just go. 🙂


Please join me in my journey for self care by following and doing your own self care/ self love routine.  Use the hashtag #lovingmein19.  Can’t wait to see your posts as we go through 2019 together. ❤ ❤ 

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  1. I’ve heard about it so much these last months and your detailed experience made me want to try it even more, thanks!


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