{Loving Me in 2019} Introduction

I started writing a post on December 24th, a month after I almost died due to complications to my twin miscarriage, but it was taking nearly everything in me to finish it, so I took that as a sign as I didn’t need to finish it. So instead I am going to keep it as a draft, and I decided to start over, start fresh, and make a brief statement about it and move on. Hurts my heart to replay the incidents, but I know many of you had questions and were curious to what had happened.

Backstory>>>  Here is a link to my post about difficulties with me getting pregnant, and here is the post of when we became pregnant, and found out we were miscarrying.  

November 8th the doctor had confirmed I was miscarrying my twins. November 14th I passed the first gestational sac at home and was in so much pain ended up walking into the ER and stayed there for 5 hours. November 20th I started bleeding a tremendous amount and passed out at home and the ambulance came and took me to the ER, I thought I had passed the second gestational sac in the hospital… I thought it was over.
On Nov. 23rd around 10:30 pm, I started bleeding again. It was constant bleeding, and I was losing a lot of blood, a lot more than the previous ER visit. I couldn’t stand up without blood gushing down to my feet in seconds. I went to the ER again, by ambulance and ended up getting airlifted to a major hospital and having an emergency D&C surgery, and staying in ICU for 8 hours, and then transferring to the surgical care unit for another 3 days. I was released with a low hemoglobin on Nov. 27th, and have been healing ever since and getting stronger every day.

I lost the entire month of November. I lost both of my babies, and was going through the motions and trying to survive. I then decided that it’s time to take more time for me, and more time to show myself love. So I have made a promise to myself that every single month in 2019 I am going to show myself some self care, and I am going to try something new and share my experiences with it here. I am going to title this blog series Loving Me in 2019.

So every month I will upload a new blog post on a new to me, self care experience, and tell you what I liked or didn’t like about it. Maybe this will help you decide to take the plunge and love yourself more, or maybe you will just be aware of different self care options there is out there for you. There are no rules in this challenge that I am doing for myself, other than to do something that I haven’t done before, that will make me happy, or improve my health, mind, creativity, etc… Feel free to do this challenge with me, take pics along your way and hashtag #lovingmein19 so I can look through all the pictures and follow your self care journey.

Looking forward to this challenge, and hope you are too. ❤

3 Comments on “{Loving Me in 2019} Introduction

  1. Love it Sister!!! ❤️
    God wastes nothing, and 2019 is all yours to LIVE!!
    “Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted.” John 6:12b NIV

    So this passage was totally in my devotion this morning, and it is for you! ❤️


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