Give Thanks {November 13-18th}

When I started my Give Thanks post At the beginning of this month I told myself I was going to try to write a blog every day, because I am grateful for many things each day. Life got in the way and let me tell you it’s been rough.

Being pregnant for the first time and then having a gut wrenching miscarriage of my twins is bringing so many feelings and experiences that I am going to remember forever, good or bad. Having contractions and labor pains so painful that I have to go to the ER at 3 am is not something I should be thankful for…. And to be honest it’s not something I’ve ever wanted to experience unless I was going to be able to have two wonderful babies out of the pain.

But what can I do? Grow.

So I may have not wrote what I have been thankful over the past few days, but let me tell you that I am stronger now than I was on the 12th and to me that is growth and I am thankful for experiences to help me grow as a person, grow in my faith, and grow in life. How ever hard this is at the moment I just have to keep going, and find joy.

Thank you Jesus for carrying me. I am weak but You are strong.

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