Give Thanks {November 11th}

Going through one of the hardest things in your life really makes your perspective on happiness change, and for me makes me want to better myself and my life for my future family. So sad that I can’t raise my two babies, my heart is so broken.

I want to surround myself with joyous, nice, caring, like minded people, and today I would like to say that I am so grateful for my Pastor and his wife. They are not only our spiritual mentors but we consider them both good friends and even family.

They have been there supporting us from the beginning, praying for us before we were pregnant, celebrating when we got pregnant, and now they are here for us and mourning with us.

They have been to our house, just be there for us, and tonight they even brought us some very yummy dinner.

We are so grateful for them, and their support and friendship. It makes a pretty dark situation have a little light, and for that…. I am thankful.

One Comment on “Give Thanks {November 11th}

  1. Thank you, Whitney. We love you two and are glad to do whatever we can. We are just now seeing your blogs. You express your heart well. God’s blessings today and always.


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