Give Thanks {November 3rd}

As I sit here tonight thinking of my day and thinking of all I am grateful for, I am almost uncomfortable at how full I am feeling from eating so much today. Almost to the point where I don’t really want to do anything else but go to sleep.

I think sometimes I take for granted what food I eat, or don’t eat and waste. There are plenty of people out there, and I’m sure plenty even in my small rural area, that do not have much to eat on a normal basis, while today alone I had plenty to eat and some. I don’t want to ever forget that food is a blessing.

The company I am an ambassador for launched a new product that summer called Lean. This is a meal replacement shake and with every bag sold we provide 14 meals to feed the hungry in America! How amazing is this? I know that within the first few days we had donated so many meals it was pretty remarkable! To learn more you can go here.

So today I am thankful for the food I have been blessed with, and I never want to take that lightly.

I want to do MORE to help the hungry. What suggestions do you have?

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