Jalapeno Jelly

I’ve been making Jalapeno Jelly for years now, and it is always a big hit with co-workers, friends and family.  I have noticed that I have some batches that turn out great, and some that don’t set as well, but they all taste amazing! Sometimes I actually prefer using less pectin, because it makes it easier to pour the jelly, or relish, whatever you want to call it, over the cream cheese, which is the main way our family eats it.

I wanted to share my recipe, and please note that I am one that doesn’t like to measure exactly, or do exactly how the recipe calls, but that’s alright, it works for me! You just have to find out what works for you.


When I am strictly making Jalapeno Jelly I only use Jalapenos, I have never added any bell peppers to mine, which is fine if you would prefer to do that to yours.  

Start with your Jalapenos.
Cut the stems off, half and scoop out the seeds.


Keep seeds in some if you want spicier, or in all if you want it super spicy

*Use gloves unless you want anywhere you touch on your body to be on fire.  Your choice!

Chop those babies up finely.  I use my handy dandy Ninja mixer, it almost liquifies them ( which may be the cause of the jelly not setting up perfectly.)


In a pot add 6 1/2 cups of sugar ( yowza, I know) 1 ½ cups of cider vinegar and start heating up. Make sure you use a pot that is large enough so the jelly does not boil over, believe me, that is NOT fun!

Once you have the sugar and vinegar mixed together you can add your 2 ¾ cups of chopped peppers to the pot.

 Mix well, and let it come to a boil. I like to stir often, I just don’t want anything to stick to the bottom of the pot.

Once it comes to a boil this is where you add your pectin, and I use the liquid Certo brand.  Use 2 pouches, and stir well, bringing it back to a full roiling boil. Once it hits that rolling boil start timing for 1 minute.  


Stir constantly, if you didn’t listen to me before and used a small pot, now is where you start praying it doesn’t boil over.DSC_8283

Turn off the burner, and remove the pot from heat.  

You’ll notice some foam at the top of the Jelly, you can either gently scoop it off and throw it away, or you can keep it, just depends on how pretty you want it to look.  Some have said if you put a little butter in it while cooking it helps with the foam, but I’ve never wanted to put butter in, and I’ve been happy with just scooping it off of the top.

You should have already washed your jars, rings and lids.  Make sure you always use new lids, even if you reuse jars and rings.  Lids seal the product so you always want to use it new.

Side Note- I bought some cheap jars and lids once from a local store, not a popular brand, and NONE of them sealed.  I even had one of the glass jars break while making strawberry sauce and strawberries were floating in the water and made all of the other jars a mess.  So try to stick with a reliable brand, like Ball.

I add all of my clean jars into the boiling water where I will be canning, I let them stay in there for a minute or two, and then I take them out and line them up , making a station for me to start putting jelly into the jars.  You can try to put the lids and rings in the same boiling water where you will be water bathing the jelly, but be warned- you will probably burn your fingers a few times. To make things simpler just boil water in a shallow pot to put the rings and lids in that instead.  

I also do this to all the utensils I will be using for canning, the tongs, funnel, scoop, etc.

Once all of the jars, lids, and rings are out of the water you can start by putting your funnel in the first jar, taking your scoop and start filling each jar up with jelly.  I usually have my husband help me during this time so it will go faster, and the jars, and lids are still warm while I put them on.

Before you put the lid on each jar you must take a clean wet rag, or paper towel, and wipe the rim clean of any jelly that may have gotten on there.  


Pop the lid on, twist the ring, and set aside.


Once you have enough for an entire canner, put the jars in the canner, and water bathe for 10 minutes.


Once that time is up you can bring the jars out, set them on something that can tolerate heat, they will be HOT! Now listen for the beauty of the canning ‘ping’.  Once you hear that you will know your jar has been sealed! I get giddy everytime I hear it.

Repeat the process if you have more to can!



Get creative with this!
I’ve done:

Mango Jalapeno Jelly
Strawberry Jalapeno Jelly
Strawberry sauce with a hint of Jalapeno

Possibilities are endless!

6 1/2 cups of sugar
1 1/2 cups cider vinegar
2 3/4 chopped peppers
2 pouches pectin

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